Wax is for Candles…Not Apples

Ever buy apples only to feel disgusted when you feel a layer of wax coating them?  Then you think, “I don’t eat candles, why would eat wax on this fruit?”  Apple growers spray the fruit with a FDA-certified, “safe to eat” (allegedly) wax coating before shipping to increase the shelf life.

They wax to coat the fruit to also prevent damage from shipping and to preserve the item for a longer shelf-life.  I have found it regular as well as organic apples.  Here is how you can remove the wax before you consume it or give it to your child:

  1. Rinse each apple in lukewarm water and remove dirt and debris using your fingers. Fill the sink with hot water; the water will cook to lukewarm when you start washing the apples.
  2. Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of baking soda per gallon of water. Dip each apple in the water and scrub it using a vegetable brush.
  3. Rinse the apples again in warm water and dry them using paper towels. Scrub the apples again if you find any residual wax.
  4. Enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures and make Johnny Appleseed happy!


Dr_Matthew_Eisen“Dr. Matt” as he is known to his patients, is in private practice, an author, nationally sought after speaker, visionary, Maximized Living Doctor of Chiropractic and health ambassador to the general public as he educates and empowers others about true health and well-being.  He works out of two health clinics in Roswell and Johns Creek, GA (both are just north of Atlanta) and has over 11 years of clinical experience.  You can reach him at drmattcares@gmail.com

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