The Walking Dead


So you may have heard about this TV show that has been a huge cultural phenomenon – breaking TV ratings each week for the past five years and helping the current zombie-craze reach new heights. Just last week in Marietta, they had their annual Zombie Day Parade where people dress up like zombies and parade around the town square – to the delight or fear of many.

The TV show depicts a group of survivors of the zombie-apocalypse and their weekly tales of survival – fending off the walking dead and other survivors who fight for limited resources (food, weapons and shelter). The premise is simple, the graphics are gruesome and the character development is enticing.

What I think is so amazing about this show, is how I can interpret a metaphor for Chiropractic care and health in this synopsis. I know, I know … I see everything through my chiropractic eyes – I will admit to that, but when you’re the underdog in the healthcare system (in comparison to the traditional allopathic approach) and you hold the answer to almost every health condition that presents itself, I am always looking at ways to communicate this message we have.

The walking dead are people that still function – they walk, make noises and feed. Yet they are not fully alive like the survivors who can still reason, have emotions and learn to adapt to their grim circumstance.

Similar, people who are Subluxated are walking around on a similar zombie-like basic level – they can have pain, immobility and their bodies are simply not functioning on an optimal level as it should. When you receive your Chiropractic adjustment, it allows your body to function better, pain relief and allow better communication between the brain and all parts of the body that allows more harmonious or balanced hormones, immunity and even the activation of proper genetic codes. In simpler terms, you are at a higher stage of life and functioning when compared to the average person who does not receive care.

Under regular chiropractic care, you stand out like a survivor compared the sea of zombies that take life as a victim or genetic-mentality (ie: I can never escape these headaches or It is in my family history and as a result I too will develop heart disease). They do not know there can be a solution by living a holistic and healthy lifestyle of our 5 essentials: Positive Mindset, Chiropractic Care, Proper Nutrition, Fitness & Oxygen, and limiting toxins.

A sad scenario for those who must walk the earth without ever realizing their body’s full potential for health, wellness and vitality! How much more they could become…a better athlete, employee, student, spouse, parent, etc.

So unlike the show, where there is no cure when you become a zombie, you have the opportunity to turn a new leaf for health and well-being each and every day when you awake. Will you make those healthy 5 Essential choices or not? If yes, great – let’s get started…if not, you can become part of the walking dead … as always, it’s your choice!

Oh, and reach out to your friends and family who may unknowingly become a ill-health zombie and refer them to our office! You may just save a life.


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