The Triangle of Life

In my office, many times I demonstrate health by using the simple shape of a triangle.  Friends say I should use a square as it has four equal sides and angles to demonstrate the ultimate equilibrium or homeostasis of the body, functioning and the subsequent result of health.  The four corners could be likened to the four pillars of health (nutrition, fitness, body biomechanics and positive mindset).   Other friends say I should use the circle as in life, everything comes ‘360’ meaning if you eat crap, move like crap or treat your body like crap –  you yield sickness, disease and a early demise.

In support of the triangle, I propose life and health are simpler than a square and a circle.  How so?  Well, in my 12 years of private practice I have found that patients are either moving towards health or away from health.  There is no middleground.  There is no plateau.  It is that simple.  Your moving up or down – it’s based on your life choices.

If you take care of your health: upwards movement from the base (time), you will have a larger peak.  That is until God decides to take you home (ultimate decline) of which you can not stop.  Now you can make your triangle as big as you want which would equal a better quality and quantity of health and life.  Otherwise a life of poor choices will typically have a smaller triangle of life compared to your optimal potential triangle.  Meaning that the better you care for yourself the closer you will reach the largest size of your optimal potential triangle.

I believe God wants you to achieve this.  However every decision of ill health, will cut your apex earlier and cause a steady decline and ultimately shortening your triangle’s base (time on this Earth).

Am I getting too deep for you?

Good.  Now what if you choose to ignore health and ‘just live your life?’  In fact, if you choose to ignore your health – that itself is a choice of self destruction.  We were created to eat, move and prosper.  We were not created to stay static and motionless.  Yet if you eat garbage, have a sedentary lifestyle and ignore the maintenance of your body, your triangle will most definitely shrink.

What if you compare your triangle to another person’s triangle?  Guess what?  This doesn’t work, because only God can gauge the optimal triangle potential of each person. Thus forget comparing yourself to others and focus on being the best YOU possible.  Keep moving forward, upward and make your Triangle of Health as large as you possible can!


“Dr. Matt” as he is known to his patients, is in private practice, an author, nationally sought after speaker, visionary, Maximized Living Doctor of Chiropractic and health ambassador to the general public as he educates and empowers others about true health and well-being.  He works out of two health clinics in Roswell and Johns Creek, GA (both are just north of Atlanta) and has over 11 years of clinical experience.  You can reach him at (

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