The Secret to Changing Your Life, Health & Finances!


Want to change the quality of your life, improve your health and increase your finances – well I have the secret.  In fact I have know this secret for the last fifteen years and selfishly I have only told people who visited my clinics this secret.  Yet, I am compelled to unveil the SECRET that may unlock your wildest dreams, goals and aspirations.  Do you think you can handle this information?

Seriously, after I tell you the secret – are you going to shrug your shoulders and move on to watching ‘funny cat videos’ on youtube?!?  Are you going to say “Wow, this is fantastic – I am smarter for reading this information and now I am going to fix myself a sandwich?!?  I hope not, because if you actually take action on this secret that I am going to share – you can actually change the total direction of your life, health, finances, relationships, etc.

This information can change households, communities and nations.  Yet, most people will not take it seriously nor take action because they are lazy, ignorant or are too brainwashed to conform to society’s norms and can not ‘think outside the box!’  Are you that person?  If so, you might as well stop reading – you are wasting your time – join the millions of other sheep and keep moving towards the slaughterhouse where dreams are destroyed, pain is rampant and everyone is broke and in debt.

Now, if you are still reading this – you are one of the special ones – the type of person who is not too prideful to learn something new, one who is not tied down by society’s restraints, one who wants to see their life be better…well here it goes…

The Secret to Success in all areas of your life, health and finances can be found not in your heart, not inside your head but rather it is found in your … neck!  You might be thinking: ‘What?!?’

Yes your neck houses your cervical spine – the top portion of your spinal column and it has the important job of: Number 1: Protecting your brain stem and upper spinal cord. Number 2: Allow for proper motion in your neck (flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion).

How can this change my life?  Well, when you have the proper bio-mechanics, your cervical spine will have a 45 degree ‘Arc of Life’ termed by Medical Neurologists who found that those who lost this cervical curve can lose up to 14 years off their lives as well as a decrease in the quality of life.  In 12 years of private practice, I have seen this to be true with thousands upon thousands of different patients.

Do you even know the status of the curve in your cervical spine?  If not, you need to seek out a Corrective Chiropractic Clinic as soon as possible to have a set of X-Rays to simply view the condition of your neck.  Now, is every Doctor of Chiropractic a Correction Care Specialist like we are in our clinics?  No, they are not.  Some DCs don’t even take X-Rays!  A corrective care specialist will give you a proper examination with Orthopedic tests, Neurological tests, analyze your posture and of course take X-Rays.  When the time comes for care, you will perform Physiotherapy spinal exercises prior to the Chiropractic adjustments.  These exercises help warm up the soft tissue for the adjustment, strengthen para-spinal and core muscles, as well as help rejuvenate the Vertebral Discs by adding nourishing nutrients and removing waste products from the discs.  If you need to find a qualified corrective care DC, contact us and we will be happy to find one for you.


You might be thinking, that sounds great and all, but how can this help my life, health and finances?  Well, being under care (as seen in our offices and in research settings) can improve the quality of life, reducing pain, reduce symptoms, improve mobility, improve strength and bolster your immune response.  That pretty much covers quality of life and health, but what about finances?

Have you ever called out of work due to being sick, from an injury or immobility?  Being under regular Corrective Chiropractic care has been shown to keep people working more efficiently, more productively, decreases the chances of calling out sick and helps employees return to work faster than typical medical approaches (drugs and surgery).

So there it is, the secret to a better quality of life, health and finances…now the question is what are you going to do with this information?  Ignore it and move on OR are you going to take action and tell others?  They say that visions without action are only dreams.

Take a few moments to read through our patient Success Stories and you will see that Dr. Eisen and the Enhanced Wellness team have experience in helping patients live life to the fullest. If you are ready to try a new approach today in maintaining your health and wellness, then contact us at (770) 552-7500 to make an appointment.

Dr_Matthew_Eisen“Dr. Matt” as he is known to his patients, is in private practice, an author, nationally sought after speaker, visionary and health ambassador to the general public as he educates and empowers others about true health and well-being.  He works in a health clinic in Roswell, GA (just north of Atlanta) and has over 10 years of clinical experience.  You can reach him at

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