Taking this once a day – may increase your chance of Cancer

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Researchers recently evaluated data on 114,000 women (ages 22-85) who participated in a California teachers study.  The women were free from breast cancer when they enrolled in the study a decade ago.  At that time, the women informed researchers how often and how long they used aspirin and ibuprofen.  During a follow up period, some 2,400 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. The results of the research were as follows:

a.        Taking ibuprofen every day for at least five years increased a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer by 50 percent, compared to women who did not regularly take the drug.
b.        Daily use of aspirin for five years or more caused a woman’s risk of breast cancer to spike by 80 percent, compared to non-regular aspirin users.   

Journal of National Cancer Institute


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