Support School Spinal Scoliosis Screenings?

Since the 1970s, school nurses have performed annual health screenings of school-age children looking for scoliosis due to some families in our country who unfortunately had a poor access to health care.  As a result, state boards of education made it a mandate that school nurses screen for scoliosis each year.

Unfortunately, these spinal exams are not performed by spinal specialists like Doctors of Chiropractic who spend many years studying the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of spinal related disorders.  If this was the case, I believe more children would be recommended for necessary Chiropractic care in the attempt to alleviate spinal disorders including scoliosis.

Not all cases of scoliosis can be fixed with Chiropractic care.  Some cases exist where the scoliosis was brought on by congenital issues (malformation of a vertebrae) or an extreme example of an abnormal curvature of the spine.  Recent research indicates that pathological tension on the spinal cord causes a rotatory movement of the spine to release pressure off the central nervous system may be a cause of this, but more studies are necessary.  Some of these cases calls for medical intervention (based on the amount of spinal angle degrees) like bracing or worst case scenario involves surgery like the placement of a titanium steel rod to help prevent the curve from getting any worse.  Why are the medical surgeons worried?

Too much of a spinal scoliosis can choke off nerve communication from the brain and the body’s cells, tissues and organs.  They are worried that the extreme scoliosis can lead to organ failure.  The good news is that this type of scoliosis is rare.  In my opinion most people develop a mild level of structural scoliosis due to living life – playing sports, injuries, repetitive poor posture positions and other activities can strain the body to a point where muscle imbalance arises, inflammation flares and the spine adapts to a new positional state.

That is why as Chiropractors, we work on realigning the spinal vertebrae with the use of X-Rays measurements, palpation and specific vector-planned Chiropractic adjustments.  In my years, I have helped several scoliosis patient’s improve their spinal angles.  I always mention how if you have a physical problem, like a vertebrae out of alignment due to life’s stressors – no chemical, potion or lotion will move that bone and you need a physical solution like a Chiropractic Adjustment to fix this situation.

If you want to perform some basic scoliosis exams at home, I recommend visiting this webpage for further details.

I do recommend that if you do suffer with a scoliosis, seeking the opinion of well qualified health care physician is important to rule out the worst case scenario.  If Chiropractic becomes part of your treatment plan for pain relief and attempting to correct the scoliosis (even a mild improvement helps ease pressure off the nerves and allows for better body functioning), then seek our a well qualified Chiropractor with years of experience and one who will take X-Rays to make the necessary measurements.

I do not profess to be a Scoliosis Expert, but I have taken advanced continual educational classes in Scoliosis treatments that showed me newer ways to treat such conditions (based on the teachings of the CLEAR Institute).  Call us if you live in the northern Atlanta areas (offices in Roswell and Johns Creek, GA).  Otherwise, if you do have a moderate to severe Scoliosis I would recommend to contact the CLEAR Institute.


“Dr. Matt” as he is known to his patients, is in private practice, an author, nationally sought after speaker, visionary, Maximized Living Doctor of Chiropractic and health ambassador to the general public as he educates and empowers others about true health and well-being.  He works out of two health clinics in Roswell and Johns Creek, GA (both are just north of Atlanta) and has over 11 years of clinical experience.  You can reach him at (

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