Sugar – The Biggest Culprit in Disease Today


With it being Halloween, it is the perfect day for me to scare you with the truth about the devastating effects of consuming refined sugar. Especially on a day, where millions of children (and parents) ignorant of the truth, will take to the streets with wide-eyed dreams of endless handouts of free candy. This holiday makes the giver and receiver of the poison a warm feeling in their heart, whether or not they know the ill-health effects the sugar has on the child’s body. The effects can lead to a spiking the child’s blood sugar and increasing the child’s chances of developing malnutrition, diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, leaky gut and more. Can you tell I have a grudge with sugar?

Maybe it was the fact that I grew up not knowing the effects of consuming large amounts of sugar and regretfully, I did on a daily basis. Maybe it was because my parents (as smart and loving as they were), didn’t know the dangers of sugar consumption. As if my many cavities at the time were not a sign!

Now, I would like to think that the times are different. For one, sugar has no benefits to our health – no protein, essential fats, vitamins or minerals and it can actually cause nutrient deficiencies. Sugar leads to a decrease in satiety, meaning one would keep eating to feel full – this shows how sugar consumption contributes to the obesity epidemic in our country. Consider this, in 1914 the average American consumed about 5 pounds of sugar a year. Today that number has ballooned to over 150 pounds per year! Imagine what stress that puts on your body. In fact, too much sugar causes insulin resistance, which leads to metabolic syndrome, obesity, high cholesterol and type II diabetes. Sugar consumption also leads to an increase of bodily inflammation and the development of cancer. Sugar can also cause lead to a fatty liver and the ill consequences this has upon the body, as large amounts of fructose (derivative when sugar is broken down) turn in to liver fat. Sugar consumption can be a reason why this next generation has been forecasted not to outlive their parents. Pretty scary stuff…even for Halloween, huh?

How has this crisis developed? Well, we can blame the food manufacturing companies for putting profits over the ethical and moral procedure of producing nutrient dense and organic foods, as seen by their mass production of foods (if you can call them foods) with high sugar content, GMOs, malnutritional elements (lacking vitamins and minerals). We can blame politicians for allowing these companies to be manipulative in the way these companies advertise their products and ingredients to be untruthful. But the best blame is upon us, the parents. The following is a diet that can be seen by millions of children across the country. This is the Standard American Diet also know as the S.A.D. nutritional approach. Yeah, pun intended.

We as parents, teachers and role models need to step up and say no to our children when they want that item with large amounts of sugar. Once you remove the sugar-laced food, do not blame the child if he or she starts crying or making a scene as sugar has a biochemical reaction in our body, that can be classified as an addictive element. Sugar consumption leads to a large dopamine release (this is the hormone that makes us feel good) and leads us to why we crave or become addicted to sugar. The way to avoid or decrease the child’s exposure to sugar is for you yourself to stop consuming it and remove the temptation.

In our household, we make a conscious effort to stock a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and foods that are healthy and nutritious. By avoiding the cookies and cakes, we allow ourselves to remove these items as an option when it comes time for a snack or dessert. Now I understand, this may seem like an idea that is insane or impossible for some, but if you perform this Kitchen Makeover you will see a transformation over time with your health and your family’s health. Yes, you will be met with anger, resentment and many questions at first by your family, but if you remain firm, smile and say this mantra each time:

“This is our new kitchen and pantry. For our families health and vitality!”

Yes, you can blame me for the cheesy line. But the goal is to transform your house and family to be as healthy as possible and that includes removing the biggest culprit in disease today … sugar!


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