Scoliosis and Chiropractic


Scoliosis is curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty.  While scoliosis can be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, the cause of most scoliosis is determined as unknown.

Most cases of scoliosis are mild, but some children develop spine deformities that continue to get more severe as they grow.  Severe scoliosis can be disabling and cause organ dysfunction.

When a child often complains of a backache, it is wise to see a corrective care Doctor of Chiropractic who would perform a set of X-rays to determine if a vertebra is out of alignment (subluxation) and the child’s pliable spine has adapted to the situation, which may cause a degree of scolosis.  The old adage, “As a tree is bent, so shall it grow” can certainly be applied to the spine. Spinal misalignments in a young spine can develop curvatures which create spinal problems in adult life. A curvature is an abnormal spinal contour and can lead to several health problems.

The process of scoliosis development goes as follows: First, the spine does not develop its normal front to back arches, and this causes unusual weight to be carried on the spinal discs. Second, the center of certain discs shifts to one side, and the vertebra tip to the other side, just like a teeter totter. This misalignment, called a subluxation, causes the spine to tip to one side. To compensate for this bend, the spine then tips to the other side at another level and the result is scoliosis. Chiropractic care has often proven to be the most effective means of curvature control and correction.

Dr. Fred H. Barge, in his book “Scoliosis” states, “From the time children are very young, the swingy swing, play pens and walkers, are encouraging children to walk too soon. Exercises in school such as sit-ups, and bending over touching the toes are destructive to the proper development of normal spinal contours. The enforced sitting in school all day also contributes to improper development of normal spinal curves. All of these things can lead to the development of curvatures and scoliosis.”

If the problem is detected early in a young child, it can often be straightened. Regular chiropractic examination, especially after a severe fall or sports activity, can detect spinal subluxations. Chiropractic spinal adjustment can correct these misalignments and return the spine to its proper position.”

There certainly can be other causes of curvature. Hereditary development, a short leg, pelvic (hip) distortions, certain diseases, all can contribute to curvature development; but early detection and chiropractic care may prevent further curvature. Surgery and bracing are rarely sometimes necessary, but control and reduction through chiropractic care should be a primary consideration in all cases of scoliosis.



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  1. I didn’t realize that scoliosis could start from childhood. My son has been complaining about his back hurting, so I’m going to take him in to a doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!

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