Essential Oils and Chronic Pain

Does chronic pain keep you from living life to its fullest? We’ve seen the success of chiropractic care and have seen a rise in interest in the use of essential oils as an alternative natural method of healing. Many believe that together, this combination provides optimal pain relief and healing.  Chiropractic Care

Combining Chiropractic Care and Essential Oils

Before and after a chiropractic treatment it is important to completely allow the body and mind to relax. When the body and mind are both relaxed, a chiropractic adjustment can be more effective. This is because all the muscles, tissues, and bones are at ease.

Some believe that one way to help relax is through the use of essential oils. The scents of lavender, sandalwood, ginger root, lemongrass, peppermint, bergamot, patchouli, and cinnamon are often found to be relaxing. Essential oils often help an individual relax.

Additional Thoughts on Essential Oils

Some patients prefer to use essential oils before and after chiropractic treatments to promote optimal healing. Placing a few drops of essential oils around the areas of the body receiving chiropractic care may help ensure rapid healing of the areas experiencing pain.

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