Essential Oils 101 – Lemon


Essential Oils 101: Lemon Oil

At our clinic we offer Essential Oils for you to purchase so you to use at your home and work.  See office for details.  Lemon oil is used for a variety of reasons, some include:

  1. Soothe Sore Throat: Add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to hot tea, or drink it with warm water and honey to help soothe a sore throat.
  1. Coughs, Colds & General Congestion: Rub a few drops of lemon oil on your chest and/or throat when you feel congested. Repeat several times daily. (You can also diffuse lemon oil into the air for help with respiratory problems.
  1. Stop a Runny Nose: Use a little carrier oil (coconut oil for instance) and a drop of lemon oil in the palm of your hand. Get your fingertip wet and swipe each side of your nose. This really works!
  1. Treat Allergies & Hay Fever: Apply a drop of lemon oil behind the ear or under the nose 2-3 times a day to help fight seasonal allergies. Alternately apply to the bottoms of your feet.
  1. Energy Booster: Add a couple of drops of both lemon and peppermint essential oils to water for an instant boost in energy.
  1. Sanitize Your Toothbrush: Put a drop of lemon oil on your toothbrush then swish it around in a bit of water to immediately clean and sanitize it.
  1. Bad Breath: Place 4 drops of lemon oil in 4 ounces of warm water and gargle to get rid of bad breath.
  1. Treat Acne: Apply three drops of lemon essential oil to a cotton ball and swipe onto the affected area, repeating up to three times a day.
  1. Fight Fatigue: Moisten a cloth with five drops of lemon essential oil and hold directly underneath your nose. Breathe in the scent for at least two minutes.
  1. Stress Relief: Add ten to fifteen drops of essential lemon oil to your bath water and soak for at least fifteen minutes.
  1. Treat Minor Wounds: Essential lemon oil is a natural antiseptic. Place five drops of lemon essential oil in a bowl of three ounces of water. Wipe the wound with a sterilized cloth or pad that has been dipped into the mixture. Continue this process until the wound appears clean.
  1. Remove Callouses, Corns and Warts: Apply a drop of Lemon undiluted, twice a day until they go away.
  1. Heal Canker Sores: Add a drop of Lemon to a shot glass of water and swish around the mouth for several minutes to alleviate canker sores.
  1. Relieve Cold Sores & Fever Blisters: Dab a drop of lemon oil on the cold sore 2 to 3 times daily. If the lemon oil stings, dilute first with a bit of coconut oil or olive oil.
  1. Control Psoriasis: Using a roller ball, apply lemon oil to the affected area 2 to 3 times a day. For an extra boost, top with DIY Miracle Healing Salve, rubbing it in lightly.
  1. Clear Up Nail Fungus: Apply a few drops of lemon oil to the affected nail several times a day. Continue until the nail fungus clears up. Note: This may take a few months.
  1. Skin Brightener: Brighten a dull complexion by adding a drop of lemon oil to your daily moisturizer. Be sure to follow-up with a sunscreen since lemon oil (and all citrus oils) increase photosensitivity.
  1. Improve Mental Clarity: Diffuse lemon in your work or study space to improve mental accuracy and concentration.


  1. Glass Cleaner: Add lemon oil to a spray bottle filled with water and use as a glass cleaner. This will even clean the hard water spots and soap scum off of a glass shower door!
  1. Clean and Sanitize Toilet Bowls: Add a few drops of lemon oil along with baking soda to clean and sanitize your toilet bowl.
  1. Disinfect Cutting Boards and Kitchen Surfaces: Rub a few drops of lemon oil on cutting boards and other kitchen surfaces to disinfect and sanitize.
  1. Kill Germs: To kill germs, soak kitchen cloths and household rags overnight in a bowl of water with a drop or two of lemon oil.
  1. Air Freshener: A few drops of lemon essential oil added to a spray bottle filled with water makes an all-natural air freshener. Better yet, add 8 drops to a diffuser and let the wonderful smell clean and freshen the air.
  1. Remove Odors: A drop or two will remove odors. For example, you can put lemon oil on a cotton ball and stuff into stinky shoes or add a few drops to a diaper pail.
  1. Freshen Laundry: Add a few drops to your DIY homemade laundry soap or add a drop to the final rinse cycle to freshen up your laundry. This will also leave your washer smelling nice.
  1. Degreaser: Lemon oil will remove grease and grime from yours hands, as well as tools, dishes, and household items. It will also remove tree sap and the residue left behind from glues and labels.
  1. Wood Cleaner: A few drops of lemon oil added to some olive oil creates a non-toxic wood cleaner and furniture polish.


  1. Mosquito Repellent: Mix lemon oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and run over your skin to repel mosquitos who hate the smell.
  1. Heal Insect Bites: Apply two drops directly to the bite and lightly rub. Do this two to three times during the day.
  1. Hand Sanitizer: Rub a drop of Lemon oil on your hands after using a public bathroom to sanitize your hands.

Food & Water

  1. Improve the Taste of Water: A a drop or two of lemon oil to your glass of water to improve the taste.
  1. Flavor Enhancer: A a drop or two of lemon essential oil to bland food to liven it up. Make sure you are using therapeutic grade lemon oil. You will know this by the supplement information on the label.
  1. Prolong Shelf-Life of Fresh Produce: Fill a bowl with cold water, add 2–3 drops of Lemon oil. Drop cleaned fruit into the water, coating all surfaces. This will extend the shelf life of fresh produce.


Lemon oil can make your skin more sensitive to the sunlight. So, if you apply lemon oil directly to your skin, stay out of direct sunlight for at least 8 hours and use a sunscreen before venturing outdoors.

It is a great remedy for the early stages of tarnish on silver and other metals? Simply add 2-3 drops on a cotton ball or rag and rub clean. How do you use Lemon essential oil?

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