Do You Know What Cancer Is?


     It’s October and ‘pink-time’ where many products, companies and organizations fly the pink ribbons to raise awareness for Cancer.  Awareness is a wonderful thing, raising money is a wonderful thing, trying to find a cure by these foundations has been nothing short of a failure.  In the eyes of the medical world, we are no closer to a ‘cure.’  In fact Cancer is a growing epidemic.  1 out of every 2 American men and 1 out of every 3 American women will develop Cancer at some point in their life.  Childhood Cancer is now the leading cause of death in American children affecting 1 out of ever 334 children.  And its only getting worse.

     When battling Cancer, you need to understand what it is.  Here is a brief synopsis:  We have over 60 trillion cells in our body always going through their own life cycles (birth-growth-death) each day.  In fact, reading this post, millions of your cells are dying but millions are being created.  This balance in our body, homeostasis helps keep everything in order and keeps our body functioning.  Their is an innate intelligence within our bodies that keeps this cycle going even when you are unaware of it.  Cancer is when the cells replicate and don’t die, this is apoptosis.  Typically the body’s innate intelligence allows for the immune system to function by seeking out these Cancer cells and destroy them.

     When the body is not functioning properly and the environment is ideal for Cancer growth, the Cancer cells begin to grow in numbers.  Cancer is common but not normal.    Cancer has been proven to be a metabolic disease, meaning that it is not controlled by genes, but by the decisions you make on a daily basis.  You have the choice whether or not to cultivate an environment ripe for Cancer growth or develop an environment to inhibit Cancer growth – you have the choice.

     What is the environment that grows Cancer cells?  It is one where a person consumes large amounts of sugar.  Cancer feeds off glucose (sugar), this was proven over 50 years ago by researchers.  A lifestyle deprived of aerobic exercise can cause a ripe environment for Cancer as it typically grows where Oxygen levels are depleted.  Having a weakened immune system can have less white blood cells circulating the body hunting down Cancer cells.  Having an improper biomechanics, like having a scoliosis in your spine inhibits your nerve supply from feeding the proper health, healing and innervation to specific organs and parts of the body.

     When you understand what Cancer is and what environment promotes its growth, you can then start taking action steps to prevent it and in some cases reverse it.  We have seen this within our very office.  We do not treat Cancer, but when the body has been restored bio-mechanically, we address a person’s nutrition and fitness – amazing things happen.  That body functions properly again and the innate intelligence takes over with health and healing.

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