Benefits of our Chiropractic Care Upon the Cervical Curve

Dr. Matthew Eisen

At our clinic we specialize in “structural correction chiropractic.”  We help to move and mold the entire spine.  This  successful form of treatment that we have provided for over 10 years for over 3,000 patients is one of the many reasons that makes our clinic stand out amongst the rest.

Also, we use the latest in technology and research to identify the basic causes of chronic misalignments (subluxations of the spine) so that our patients can walk out of our office with more than short-term improvements.  We not only help affect the nerves running to the vital organs but also the spinal cord itself; that is, the structure which carries impulses and information bringing health to all parts of the body.

The primary area of your Central Nervous System is in the Cervical Spine (aka your neck).  The top two spinal vertebrae in the neck are the atlas and the axis, which help protect the base of your brain (brain stem).  Misalignments in this area affects the function of every organ in your entire body.  Mental impulses are sent from your brain through a forward curve in your cervical spine.  This curve is seen from a lateral x-ray of your neck.  Because of its impact and importance, Neurosurgeons call this curve “The Arc of Life.”  The curve should be at 45 degrees and any loss of your normal arc of life is considered a severe neurological problem, as it will apply pressure on the base of your brain, stretch your spinal cord and compress your nerves. Loss of your normal arc will also accelerate the spinal decay and degeneration process.

We have a deep compassion transforming our suffering patients into a healthier lifestyle.  Our clinic acknowledges that God created the human body to heal itself, and this communication is traveling down the path from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body.  Adding to life enhancing Chiropractic adjustments and corrections are the other essentials as nutrition, fitness, limiting toxins and a positive mindset that we teach and empower families so that everyone, from infants to the elderly can all live healthier, happier and drug-free lives – as God intended.  All of this is what makes our clinic unique and helps our patients achieve great results.

Recent research has shown the damaging effects that the loss of the cervical curve has on health.  The cervical curve has been found to be directly linked to better health and longevity.  The arch in the neck should be between 39-45 degrees to be free from spinal cord compression.
The following research documented in Spine Journal was conducted at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in the School of Medicine at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.

Results: There is a significant correlation between the kyphotic angle (loss of curve) and the degree of spinal cord flattening. The spinal cord was compressed most intensely at the apex of the kyphosis, where demyelination of the anterior cord as well as neuronal loss and atrophy of the spinal nerves were observed. Demyelination progressed as the kyphotic deformity became more severe, initially affecting the anterior cord and later extending to the lateral and then the posterior parts of the spinal cord. Angiography also revealed a decrease of the vascular distribution to the compressed spinal cord.

Conclusion: Progressive loss of arch in the cervical spine resulted in degeneration of nerve fibers, chronic compression of the spinal cord, and decreased blood flow through the carotid arteries leading to decreased lifespan.

This is another example of the devastating effects that vertebral misalignments have on the body.  This article in particular looks at what happens when there is a loss of the cervical curve.  Here are the main things they found Subluxation caused:

1. Spinal Cord compression

2. Spinal nerve degeneration leading to organ failure

3. Carotid Artery Compression leading to stroke

4. Decreased lifespan and early death

Remember, health is not how you feel at any particular time, it’s how your body is functioning and healing, which is controlled by the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.  This is why it is vital that our patients maintain their corrected adjustments.



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“Dr. Matt” as he is known to his patients, is in private practice, an author, nationally sought after speaker, visionary and health ambassador to the general public as he educates and empowers others about true health and well-being.  He runs a large multi-discplinary health clinic in Roswell, GA (just north of Atlanta) and has over 10 years of clinical experience.  You can reach him at

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