Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Back before refrigerators were common, people use to put a silver coin as a preservative in their milk to fight off the growth of harmful bacteria.  Also up until antibiotics became common, silver was used as a antibiotic.

Today, you can still use the healing benefits of silver to help boost your health and immune system.  How does Silver work against bacteria?  A report written by Richard Davies and Samuel Etris of The Silver Institute (1996) claim that Silver can cause Catalytic Oxidation – helping cellular respiration and removing cellular wastes.  They go on to state that Silver ions attaches to bacterial cell membranes and helps to choke the cell of respiration, thus causing the bacteria’s demise.  Lastly, they found that silver may help prevent Bacterial DNA from unwinding which is necessary for bacterial replication to occur.

Benefits of using Colloidal Silver may help as when applied topically for skin conditions (psoriasis and eczema) and stimulate skin healing for wound care.  Other health professionals and reports point to Colloidal Silver helping conditions like pink eye, ear infections, bacterial infections, viral infections, inflammation, sinusitis, cold, flu and pneumonia.

Check your local health store and keep it handy in your home’s Health Cabinet (formerly called the Medicine Cabinet).  And make sure not to overdose on Colloidal Silver as in some rare cases, it can turn your skin blue (a condition known as Argyria).




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