Alkalizing Fruits & Veggies


Today, I will share with you what fruits and vegetables are best for you.  As a bonus, I will also explain some startling and shocking information about food in general that most people have not heard about!

Nutrition is a key ingredient for raising a healthy family and trying to avoid many chronic diseases, including cancer.  I recommend that you consume local, fresh, and organic garden fruit and vegetables.  

What is that important connection between vegetables and health?
According to Dr. Robert Young, author of “The pH Miracle,” he answers that YOUR BLOOD MUST MAINTAIN a pH of 7.365 to keep you healthy.  Do you remember from chemistry that a pH of 0-7 is acid and a pH of 7-14 is alkaline (or base)?  To be vigorous inside and out with a robust, and active immune system, your blood, cells and tissues must be healthy–and only the right food can ensure the likelihood of maintaining your health.

But here’s a Problem…and it’s a BIG one!  Most of the food in the average American diet–and most of the food items in the grocery store– are acidic.  Some foods like meat, cheese, sugar, snack foods, condiments and alcohol are VERY acidic.  To fight the acids that produce the symptoms of colds, flu, cancer, AIDS–you name it–your blood must be healthy so your immune system can be healthy.

When we take in mostly acidic food, our body will desperately turn itself inside out and upside down trying to neutralize all the acids–sacrificing various parts of the body in a losing battle–to maintain 7.365.  Wherever your body is sick, you will find excess acid.  While waging war to maintain healthy blood, elements of your body are getting sick long before you know it–long before you feel symptoms.

That’s correct.  For most of us, our body is being defeated by an acidic diet as we often cannot see or feel what is slowly developing inside of us.  Some problems take 5 to 10 years to show up.  Yet, a good blood microscopist can immediately see the earliest stages under the microscope with one tiny drop of blood.

Even worse,  many of us think that the symptoms we already have are “normal.”  Do you think these common, everyday problems are normal?
*        Overweight                        indigestion 
*        feeling tired                        headaches
*        skin problems                   PMS
*        high blood pressure        anxiety
*        depression                         fatigue
*        allergies                             yeast
*        irritability                          food cravings
*        the flu                                 one or two colds a year

According to Dr. Young, each of these problems is a result of the pH of your blood, tissues and cells being out of whack.  Most of us think these problems are “normal.”  “Average” maybe–but definitely not “normal.”

You won’t “catch a cold” if your body fluids and tissues are properly alkaline.  Cold germs can’t get a foothold in an “alkaline nose.”  IT TAKES ACID TISSUES TO HELP CREATE A COLD…or feed any germ like a bacteria or fungus.  It’s a great relief to most people to learn that there is only one disease–acidity–and one solution–alkalinity. 

Three of four of us will die from cancer or heart disease.  Why?  Because our body will have LOST the fight to balance our blood and maintain a healthy acid-alkaline pH balance of 7.365.  Cancerous and diseased cells can transform to healthy cells in a healthy alkaline environment.

So, what to do!  The answer is NOT complicated.  You simply have to know which foods to eat, which ones to cut down on, and which food to avoid as much as possible.

In his book, “The pH Miracle”, he explains which foods are a little bit bad–and which are REALLY bad.  He goes on to explain the most simple things to do to maintain a balanced pH–such as drinking ionized and alkalized water.

When the fish in the bowl are sick, do you give them medicine?  No.  You change the water.  So for starters, you must change your internal water supply from acid to alkaline.

A list of the “best” alkalizing vegetables would include cucumbers, avocados, soy sprouts, wheat grass, red radishes, cabbage, and tomatoes.  

The list of the “best” fruits to help you alkalize would include lemons, limes, coconut, grapefruit, green, organge, yellow and red peppers, and blueberries.  Also, Dr. Young explains how you can take fresh orange juice and apple juice and mix it with high-alkaline water as oranges and apples have far more sugar than your body needs or can cope with over time.

For further information on this topic, read Dr. Young’s “The pH Miracle” and I urge you to buy fresh, local and organic vegetables and fruit. Buy them from  local sources and farmer’s markets where the food was just taken from the field.  If you want to show a special love for your family, learn about nutrition to help keep everyone healthy.


Dr_Matthew_EisenWho is Dr. Matthew Eisen?

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